The Selling Process

Accurate Valuation

It is extremely important to get an accurate valuation for your property.

Some agents will over value properties just to gain the instruction, this will result in:

  • No viewings from prospective buyers.
  • Missing the opportunity to capitalise in the early interest on your property, with the first few weeks of your property launching being the most crucial time.
  • Buyers seeing a property has been on the market for a long time, are then less likely to offer a good price.
  • The need to adjust the price at a later stage.

Instead it is essential to get a realistic valuation – not too high but equally not too low. AP Estate Agents will work with you to achieve the best possible price for your property.

At your free market appraisal you can ask any questions regarding the value of your property and we will of course show you how it was attained with clear comparable evidence.

Instruction to sell

Following your property valuation, if you are happy to proceed with AP Estate Agents you will be sent an agency agreement (often called the instruction pack), this includes our terms and conditions, and the fees that will be payable upon completion.

The agency agreement will be sent to you via email and can be signed digitally, however if you wish to receive a paper copy, this can be arranged.

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Check

AP Estate Agents is required by law to complete an Anti Money Laundering (AML) Check with all property owners for which it enters into a business relationship with. This is for the prevention of any property transaction being used in Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing activity.

Following receipt of your signed agency agreement, we will need to see original or certified identification documents for you.

We will then use an online AML system to complete this check, which provides an easy and convenient way to verify your identity. Alternative methods for this check can also be provided.

Preparing your property for sale

Once you have instructed AP Estate Agents to sell your property we will arrange a marketing visit, where we will gather the full details of your property, agree the plans to market your property and talk to you about how you present your property in the best possible way for prospective buyers.

An appointment will also be arranged for our professional photography company to attend your property to take the photographs and floorplan. A virtual tour, property video and drone footage of your property can also be arranged.

AP Estate Agents will then create a bespoke brochure to showcase your property, this will be shared with you for your approval.

Arranging the Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is needed whenever a property is sold and must be organised for potential buyers before you market your property to sell.

The EPC certificate provides information about your property’s energy use and typical energy costs, and will gives your property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). The certificate is valid for 10 years.

To obtain an EPC you will need an accredited assessor, who will assess your property and produce the certificate. AP Estate Agents can help to organise this on your behalf if required.

Launching your Property

Prior to full marketing, we will do a pre launch of your property on social media in order to start to generate some interest from prospective buyers.

Then once you are happy with all the marketing that has been prepared, we will launch your property.

Our computerised sales system will upload your property to the external property portals (including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location) and the AP Estate Agents website.

Our system will also automatically match your property to our registered buyers and will send an email out notifying them of your property coming to the market.

AP Estate Agents will be proactive in the marketing of your property at all times.


AP Estate Agents will contact you to discuss and agree every viewing appointment, prior to finalising this with the prospective buyer. You will then receive an email and text confirming the arrangements. AP Estate Agents will also accompany every viewing, unless you request otherwise.

Following every viewing we will then contact the prospective buyers to discuss their thoughts on your property and gain their feedback, which will be passed directly on to you.

AP Estate Agents will be very proactive to maximise viewing opportunities at all times.


As soon as AP Estate Agents receives an offer from a prospective buyer, we will notify you and provide you with details of the circumstances of the offer e.g. if there is a property chain, how the buyer intends to fund the purchase of your property, etc.

We will then discuss with you whether you wish to accept or decline the offer, as well as negotiate on your behalf to gain an acceptable offer. The final decision will always be yours.

Once you accept an offer on your property, AP Estate Agents will then write to all parties confirming the agreed price and provide a memorandum of sale. It will be at this point you will need to instruct a solicitor to undertake the legal (conveyancing) work on your behalf.

Conveyancing process

Your solicitor will lead on the conveyancing of your property sale and will send a draft contract, together with the EPC, to your buyer’s solicitor.

You and your solicitor will also work together to provide a number of further documents regarding your property which will be sent to your buyer’s solicitor, these may include:

  • Title deeds
  • Copy of lease (if required)
  • Property management pack (if required)
  • Fixtures and fittings list
  • Completion of seller’s questionnaire
  • Any details of planning consents
  • Copies of any guarantees on the property
  • Copy of any building regulations

Any paperwork that is requested by your solicitor should be returned as soon as possible in order to keep the process moving swiftly.

Your buyer’s solicitor will complete a number of searches to find out more information on your property, these will include:

  • Local authority search
  • Planning search
  • Drainage and water search
  • Environmental search
  • Flood risk search
  • Land registry
  • Other searches may also be completed dependent on your property

Your buyer’s solicitor will then review everything they have received from your buyer’s solicitor and the searches, and raise enquiries regarding your property, which your solicitor and you will discuss and respond to.

Your buyer may also request for a survey and further checks to be completed on your property. AP Estate Agents can assist you with the arrangements for these

Once your buyer’s solicitor is happy that all enquiries have been answered regarding the property, then you can move on to the next stage of signing and exchange of contracts.

It is important to discuss proposed dates of exchange and completion with your solicitor throughout this process, in order to be able to plan ahead for your move and to be able to arrange removals, etc.

AP Estate Agents will be on hand throughout this process to advice and ensure the sale is progressing efficiently by liaising with all parties involved.


Once the contract is signed by both parties, a mortgage offer has been made (if applicable), the property searches have been received, all enquiries have been answered and the deposit has been transferred to your solicitor by the buyer’s solicitor. Exchange of contracts will then take place and a date is set for the completion of the sale.

Exchange of contracts will then take place and a date is set for completion of the sale.


Once exchange of contracts has taken place, completion will follow within a few days or a predetermined date that has been agreed by all parties in the chain.

On the completion date all monies owed will be transferred to your solicitor’s account and your solicitor will then arrange for the funds to be distributed and for all fees to be paid. You will also be notified by your solicitor that the funds have arrived and you will need to vacate the property. It will be at this point that your buyer then becomes the legal owner of the property.

Please note this information on the selling process has been provided to you as a guide only.

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